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Anuvab Pal

Comedian who was named one of India's top 5 comics by The Times of India and performs with America Meet World.
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KATG 2146: Welcome to Bollyweird

with Anuvab Pal – India; foreign currency; Bollywood; Indian stand-up; India’s lack of equality; Apple’s forced apps; Hillary Clinton’s lies and email scandal; drunk driving Secret Service; Blurred Lines pays $7.4 million to Marvin Gaye; Taylor Swift’s $40 million legs; Keith’s fat-shaming campaign March 13, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Let’s Check The Globe: Anuvab Pal, all the way from India, is in studio
  • — Rupee’s Drag Rate: Anuvab explains the complicated exchange rate of the Indian rupee
  • — They Can’t Help Themselves: Anuvab comes from the more intellectual part of India where nobody dances, but now he lives in Mumbai where everybody dances
  • — Hurting Sentiments: Anuvab talks about the struggle of being a stand-up in India, a country that either doesn’t understand comedy or wants to arrest those who perform it
  • — Indian Rug Burn: Life for females can be tough in India, whether you’re a woman Richard Gere randomly kissed or Anuvab’s wife, a journalist who writes about gender and equality
  • — No Thanks: Apple has many apps that are unable to be deleted from your iPhone
  • — She Must Be A Bitch: Hillary Clinton, hoarder of old electronics, thought it would be easier to carry 1 device instead of 2, which is why she used her personal email address for government business. After it was revealed that she deleted 30,000 ‘personal emails,’ containing communications between her and her husband, Bill Clinton admitted he has only sent 2 emails in his entire life, neither of which were to Hillary.
  • — White House, Black Out: Two secret service members got drunk and crashed their car into a White House barricade
  • — Robbin' Thicke: Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams must pay $7.4 million to Marvin Gaye's family for ripping off his song Got to Give with their song Blurred Lines
  • — It Costs An Arm And A Leg: Taylor Swift insured her legs for $40 million, joining a group of celebrity limb-insurers that includes Keith Richards (hands for $1.6 million), Julia Roberts (smile for $30 million), and Jennifer Lopez (butt for $300 million)
  • — Control Your Own Fat: A listener who has lost 65 pounds (and whose wife has lost 80) writes in to encourage Keith’s fatso-shaming campaign. Chemda offers some advice for eating healthier.
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Anuvab PalAnuvab Pal

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