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Blake Joseph

Musical theater actor who is currently starring in a revival of a Gerswhin Brothers play.
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KATG 2155: How Does It Feel

with Blake Joseph – Being a twin; musical theater/restaurant workers; Is your partner a boy/girlfriend?; getting dumped; new (aka old) Jimi Hendrix; Jackie Martling calls in; One Direction’s Zayn Malik leaves the group; being hit by cabs; Coney Island Cyclone guests trapped on Day 1; East Village explosion selfies March 31, 2015

Show Notes

  • — All The World’s A Stage: Blake Joseph, who works at a restaurant and is a musical theater actor, is in studio
  • — The Perfect Crime: Blake and his identical twin brother Brandon, who is gay, switched places when they were kids
  • — Pardon My English: Blake is performing in a revival of a Gershwin brothers opera that basically predicted Mayor Bloomberg’s failed NYC soda ban
  • — It’s Weird To Throw Labels On Things: Blake is dating a girl he doesn't want to call his girlfriend, possibly because all his ex-girlfriends (of whom he has exclusively been the dumper and not the one getting dumped) despise him
  • — Foxy Casey: New early Jimi Hendrix recordings have surfaced, and Keith is the only one who thinks they sound like the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan
  • — I Eat Mop Who?: Jackie ‘The Joke Man’ Martling calls in with some new jokes
  • — Directionless: One Direction’s Zayn Malik has left the group
  • — Unfare: Blake has been hit by 3 separate cabs on his Vespa in NYC but didn’t get any money because they all drove away. He now can’t feel his knee or 3 of his toes.
  • — A Roller Coaster Of Emotions: The Coney Island Cyclone got stuck on its opening day, forcing riders to climb down manually
  • — Be Our Guest: The gang discusses the recent trend of retail establishments referring to customers as guests
  • — What A Gas: 2015’s hot new selfie location is the sight of the East Village explosion. Among news that 2 people are still missing comes the revelation from Con Ed that a gas main at Sushi Park was tampered with 7 months before the blast.


Blake JosephBlake Joseph

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