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Jake Young

Comedian, writer for Dorkly, and co-host of the Nerd of Mouth podcast.
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KATG 2160: The Fast and the Furious

With Jake Young – The use of the word nerd; Jackie Martling calls in; Diane Sawyer interviews Bruce Jenner; Harvey Weinstein molests model; man masturbates in his co-worker’s coffee and on her desk; Hugsy Malone gets deep fried; dealing with a booty call with cold sores; Furious 7 review; Duke University wins NCAA April 7, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Best In The Business: Jake Young, who shares his name with a former college football player who died in a terrorist attack, is in studio
  • — The Other N-Word: Jake identifies as a nerd as a person and a comedian, but isn’t bothered by sexy, cool people identifying as such. He almost appeared on Beauty and the Geek but was too real during the audition process.
  • — Monkey Business: Jackie ‘The Joke Man’ Martling calls in and celebrates the holiday season with a classic joke
  • — Girl Talk: Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer about his transition into womanhood, filmed in February, is set to air later this month
  • — Casting Couch: Successful movie producer Harvey Weinstein molested a model in his office and admitted it over a phone call he didn’t know the NYPD was listening in on
  • — Hazelnut: A man masturbated into his coworker’s coffee in revenge for her rebuffing his prior attempts at sexually harassing/wooing her
  • — 2 Pits: Keith shares his guacamole secret and a horrifying dream about Hugsy Malone’s deep fried body
  • — Sore Spot: A listener writes in for feedback about how he dealt with his former hookup when she came over with cold sores on her mouth
  • — Spoiler Alert: Keith and Jake discuss the monster hit ‘Furious 7’
  • — From Duke To King: Duke University’s men’s basketball team won the NCAA championship


Jake YoungJake Young

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