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Sally Tamarkin

Fitness editor for BuzzFeed and co-host of The Struggle Bus podcast
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KATG 2307: The Struggle

with Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin – More marathon guest responses; Chemda the Stand-Up and Keith’s Hulu special; living with your lover; North Korea’s amazing inventions; NYC’s drunk walking and driving statistics; police sergeant urges civilians to drive over protesters; Judge Judy, Supreme Court Justice; Jamie Foxx, hero; Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump and Sarah’s son assaults his girlfriend; school teacher fails to seduce 16-year-old; man films sex with girlfriend’s 6-year-old daughter; inebriated man too drunk to stop daughter’s gang rape January 21, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Great: Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin, hosts of The Struggle Bus, are in studio
  • — Classic Ray: Sally and Katharine will both be part of the 47-Hour Marathon. Chemda has a new Unhelpful Marathon Guest Reply to add to the pile.
  • — The Producers: The all-female stand-up showcase Chemda hosted yesterday was a big success. Keith’s latest stand-up special will be available January 26 on Hulu.
  • — Chore Chart: Katharine and Sally discuss officially moving in and living with their lovers
  • — The Story Of Chemda: For Chemda’s birthday, Katharine released a special episode of her podcast Tell the Bartender all about her
  • — Kim Jong-unreal: In addition to positively testing a hydrogen bomb, North Korea says they’ve invented a cure for AIDS, Ebola, drug addiction, and a new kind of alcohol that won’t give you a hangover
  • — WWI: 18% of pedestrians who were struck by cars in NYC in 2015 were drunk, as were 22% of drivers
  • — All Lives Matter: A police sergeant in St. Paul, MN posted a Facebook status advising people to run over Black Lives Matter protesters
  • — Supreme Court Adjourned: 13% of Americans believe Judge Judy is a Supreme Court Justice
  • — The Jaime Foxx Show: Jamie Foxx saved a driver from a burning car in front of his house
  • — That Checks Out: Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump for President less than 24 hours after her son Track was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend
  • — Look At The Brushstrokes, Baby: A high school teacher was arrested for trying to seduce his underage student at a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • — Shot On iPhone 6: A man filmed himself raping his girlfriend’s 6-year-old daughter before denying that it happened when they played the video he made in court
  • — Drunk In Love: A 39-year-old man drinking and possibly having sex with his 18-year-old daughter in a park was too inebriated to get help when a gang of 5 teens showed up and began to rape her

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