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Joe DeRosa

Comedian known for his regular appearances on The Opie & Anthony Show and Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld.
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KATG 2017: The Good Ol' Days

With Joe DeRosa - Entitled people; obtaining medical marijuana; sobriety and AA; expecting to die July 22, 2014

Show Notes

  • — There Goes Joe’s Day: Joe DeRosa, who dropped his coffee the second he walked into the building, is in studio
  • — Age Of Entitlement: Joe is a curmudgeon but only because he is affected so greatly by the state of things in the world; he and Chemda both think that they are better suited for the 1970s
  • — Okay, Cracker: Joe grew up white despite a DNA test telling him he’s 20% African and 80% Middle Eastern, and he is willing to accept racial slurs for white people in exchange for the rest of the world calming down a little
  • — It’s Pretty Easy To Get The Weed Card: Joe lives in Los Angeles and has a medical marijuana card because of his ‘back problems’
  • — Automatic Fun: Joe started drinking again after a brief hiatus because sobriety is boring; Joe shares his disgust with the ‘functioning’ alcoholics who attend AA meetings
  • — So Why Even Bother?: Joe’s aunt died of cirrhosis of the liver, but she didn’t acquire it from drinking; Joe, who is a healthy 36-year-old, is afraid of dying young and runs down a list of young people who died too soon


Joe DeRosaJoe DeRosa

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