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Keisha Zollar

Comedian and actress best known for appearing in Orange Is the New Black and hosting The Soul Glo Project podcast.
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KATG 2170: Eat Fresh

with Keisha Zollar and Big Mike Sangiamo – The Baltimore protests and inaccurate reporting; life weighing 380 pounds; Jackie Martling calls; texting your ex; why you need a permit to record your film April 30, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Relax, Keith Is Married: Keisha Zollar and Keith's long-lost brother Big Mike are in studio
  • — An Uncomfortable Discussion About Race: The gang continues the Baltimore protests dialogue
  • — The Fattest Guy In The Room: Big Mike, who is in the neighborhood of 380 pounds and can’t find a scale to weigh himself, answers some questions about his life as a fat person and Subway sandwich artist
  • — Piece Of Cake: Jackie ‘The Joke Man’ Martling calls in with some more classic jokes
  • — I Love Your Big Tits: Mike, who is a real horn dog for someone who can't see his penis, asks if he handled his ex-girlfriend correctly. Keisha does a dramatic reading of Mike's texts.
  • — They'd Kill Me For Less: Keisha's first professional acting job, where she pretended to be a kidnapper, ended with a very real SWAT raid and a gun in her face because the producer didn't get the proper permits

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