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Sabrina Jalees

Comedian best known as the host of the podcast My Sexy Podcast and the web series How Many Questions
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with Sabrina Jalees – Muslim families; Catholic priest fired for supporting gay rights; Louis C.K.’s chronic public masturbation scandal revisited; Kanye West at the Billboard Music Awards; Robin Thicke’s dog eats weed; Hillary and Bill Clinton made $25 million on speeches since January 2014; Al Sharpton’s daughter tries to scam NYC for $5 million May 19, 2015

Show Notes

  • — My Sexy Podcast Guest: Sabrina Jalees, of The Nightly Show with Larry Willmore, is in studio
  • — Brownlisted: Sabrina’s extended Muslim family tried to shun her when she came out after getting married
  • — No H8: A priest was fired from his job at a Catholic college after posting a pro-gay rights status on Facebook
  • — Shameless: The gang continues the discussion of the sexual assault allegations against Louis C.K., which were alluded to in an episode of Myka Fox & Friends recorded months before the scandal broke
  • — All Day: Kanye West’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards had so many swear words (and n-words) that it was completely bleeped for many seconds at a time
  • — Dog Eat Weed World: The dog Robin Thicke shares with his 20-year-old girlfriend has been to the hospital twice for ingesting marijuana
  • — Extra Guac: Hillary and Bill Clinton have made more than $25 million since January 2014 from speeches alone.
  • — It's A Miracle!: Dominique Sharpton’s $5 million broken ankle lawsuit against New York City doesn't have a good chance of succeeding after she posted pictures of herself at the top of a mountain she just climbed

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