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Toby Muresianu

Comedian best known for contributing to Real Time with Bill Maher and for co-hosting the Ahead of the Times web series.
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KATG 2187: Flood Warning

with Toby Muresianu – Toby’s open relationship; choosing to be a vegetarian at 10 years old; The Stanley Cup finals; Chef Keith; San Andreas and Montage of Heck; Cameron Crowe and Aloha; HUAR; Atlanta Falcons puppy killer; Opie and Jim Norton shout-out May 31, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Flash Flood: Toby Muresianu is in studio
  • — Ahead Of The Times: Toby hosts a satirical, predictive news show with his London-based friend
  • — Friends Without Benefits: Toby got dumped from an open relationship
  • — The Steak Says Moo: Toby became a vegetarian at 10 years old
  • — Lightning Can Destroy Almost Any Bird: The Stanley Cup finals, featuring the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Chicago Blackhawks, begins this week
  • — It’s More A Strawberry Crush: Keith and Cat have learned to make their own guacamole and cocktails
  • — Montages Of Heck: Keith watched the new Dwayne Johnson and Kurt Cobain disaster films, and he certainly doesn’t think heroin should be legal. 40% of the audience that has taken psychedelic drugs has learned something from them.
  • — You Had Me At Aloha: Cameron Crowe’s new movie, starring Emma Stone as an Asian, was critically derided, which Sony already knew would happen according to its leaked emails
  • — Terminator 2 Type Stuff: War zone robots are becoming more and more unstoppable, and McDonald’s is trying out a store operated entirely by robots
  • — Pet Peeve: The Atlanta Falcons have released Prince Shembo, who was never charged 5 years when he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman who killed herself 10 days later, after he was charged with aggravated animal cruelty for kicking his girlfriend’s dog to death. A registered sex offender in Queens killed his cat by throwing it out of a window the same day he tried to kill his dog by throwing it down the garbage chute.
  • — That’s Close To July: Tom Brady’s hearing for #deflategate is set for June 23
  • — The Fuckin’ N Train: Jim Norton had some nice words to say about KATG on Opie with Jim Norton

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