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Jason Burke

Comedian, copywriter, and former college basketball player.
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KATG 2627: A Pulpy Load

with Jason Burke – Dads, hypochondria, OCD, cocaine, and pet medications; a sober Brad Pitt; Jason’s arrest; Donald Trump doesn’t understand the Civil War; Hillary Clinton on her disastrous campaign; O.J. Simpson; giving fake names and numbers; getting shoplifters to strip naked; the creator of the Times Square porn shops dies May 9, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Sex, Dads, and Rock & Roll: Jason Burke, the co-host of Where Are Dads?, is in studio
  • — Particular Neurosis: Jason suffers from hypochondria and OCD. Jason and his dog have swapped anti-anxiety medications.
  • — Jason, Meet Nas: Jason recounts his coke-fueled nights and his views on cocaine vs. molly
  • — The Best At Being Sober: Brad Pitt has announced that he is 6 months sober and is trying to rebuild his relationship with his children post-divorce
  • — Using All The Air Conditioners: Jason got arrested on a business trip
  • — Drive By Dad: Jason talks about his strained relationship with his father
  • — Shuffling The Papers: On a televised interview, Donald Trump stated that if known slave owner Andrew Jackson had been President, we would not have had the Civil War. He also asks, Why did we have it anyway?
  • — Inside Print Job: Hillary Clinton announced that she is working on a book about her failed campaign. It is revealed that the public call-out from FBI boss James Comey was spurred by confidential emails sent from Huma Abedin to her husband Anthony Weiner
  • — The Juice Is Loose: The gang talks about where they were when O.J. Simpson was pronounced not guilty
  • — I’m Keith Miller: Louisville woman, Holly Lynn Donahoo, was arrested for a DUI and fleeing the police. She told the cops her name was Hillary Clinton. The gang talks about giving people fake numbers when you don’t want them to contact you.
  • — They Signed A Waiver Your Honor: A CVS security worker was busted for taking female shoplifting suspects into back rooms of stores and convincing them to strip naked and have their pictures taken rather than getting arrested
  • — A Pulpy Load: Richard Basciano, owner of the Time Square jerk-off booths, died at age 92. Keith celebrates his legacy by reminiscing on the buckets of love he’s shared in Basciano’s establishments


Jason BurkeJason Burke

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