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Katie Hartman

Comedian, actress, and one-half of Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting comedy duo.
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KATG 2616: Doggystyle

with Katie Hartman – Raising children vs. raising puppies; throwing your voice; The Fate of the Furious reviewed and Vin Diesel’s bad attitude; The Boss Baby Christian review; how to kill someone at the Empire state Building; Drunk Lives Matter t-shirt wearer arrested for drunk driving April 24, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — From Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting: Katie Hartman, who doesn’t know how to react to her credits, is in studio
  • — Doggy Dad: Keith’s parents want him to have children, and the gang argue over what’s more difficult to raise: a human baby or a puppy
  • — Throwing Your Voice: Keith fantasizes about being able to throw his voice
  • — The Fate of the Furious: Keith reviews the newest movie in The Fast and The Furious franchise and discusses Vin Diesel’s childish on-set assholish behavior
  • — They Could Be Gay: Keith reads an odd religious review of The Boss Baby
  • — Myth BUSTED!: Scientists report that throwing a coin off of the Empire State Building won’t kill somebody if it hits them. Keith complains that no one is trying it for them being so sure.
  • — #DrunkLivesMatter: A Pennsylvania man wearing a shirt that with the phrase “Drunk Lives Matter” on it was arrested for drunk driving


Katie HartmanKatie Hartman

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