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Frank Santopadre

Ghostwriter for many famous comedians, television shows, and trading card sets.
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KATG 2204: The Writers Guild

with Frank Santopadre and Danny Hatch – Ghostwriting; joke writing for children and adults; Surf Reality; Frank’s wedding; Danny demands more credit July 2, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Frankly, My Dear: Frank Santopadre, co-host of Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, is in studio
  • — Constitution: Frank has built a career out of ghostwriting jokes for other comics (and trading cards) because he decided he didn’t want the life of a stand-up comic
  • — This Was My Job, People: Frank discusses his early days selling gross-out gags to children
  • — Tears Or Tits: Frank bonds with Keith and Chemda over Surf Reality memories
  • — It Was Sad: Frank talks about his very unromantic wedding, which served as the opening act for his podcast with Gilbert and Jeff Ross
  • — I Want To Die: Keith, Chemda, and Danny have an uncomfortable conversation about joke thievery while Frank twitches

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