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David Feldman

Multiple Emmy-award winning comedian and writer, best known for his work on Real Time with Bill Maher and for his podcast, The David Feldman Show.
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KATG 2352: The Most Offensive Show Ever Made

with David Feldman and Kevin Bartini – Writing for Comedy Central Roasts; Hillary Clinton and the media vs. Bernie Sanders; why you’re late to things; David Letterman’s retirement look; Microsoft’s AI bot is sexist and racist; 70% of Americans binge-watch TV; New York legalized MMA fighting; nightmare jobs March 25, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Uber Funny: David Feldman and his driver Kevin Bartini are in studio
  • — Clitanus: David, who’s written for many Comedy Central Roasts, reveals the one thing that hurts his feelings
  • — Berning Up: Keith and Chemda give updates on their loved ones’ adventures in volunteering for Bernie Sanders. The gang tries to come up with an explanation for the media's lies about Hillary Clinton's lead in the primaries.
  • — Beat The Clock: 18% of KATG’s audience is constantly late just like David, who is late to everything because it gives him the adrenaline he lost after quitting drinking
  • — Is He Okay?: David Letterman debuts his new retirement look
  • — Humans United Against Robots: A day after introducing it to Twitter and other social media platforms, Microsoft had to pull the plug on an artificial intelligence bot modeled to communicate like a teenage girl for being too racist, sexist, and into Hitler
  • — Are You Not Entertained?: 70% of Americans binge-watch TV. New York became the last state to legalize mixed martial arts fighting.
  • — I Could Kick My Mother's Ass: Kevin and David answer questions about their dream jobs, their worst jobs, and David’s relationship with his mom

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