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Jim Conroy

Comedian and voice actor best known for his appearances in AT&T commercials, Grand Theft Auto IV, and as the titular character in FETCH! with Ruff Ruffian.
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KATG 2209: Celebrity Deathmatch

with Jim Conroy – Voiceover work for Celebrity Deathmatch, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Red Dead Redemption; having your penis CGI’d away; marriage and 9/11; introducing people you don’t remember; fighting with your spouse; working in prison; Escape from Alcatraz and Almost Famous; licking donuts revisited; Suicidal Tendencies and Mike’s Pepsi; Keith’s lost wedding ring; Tourette Syndrome July 14, 2015

Show Notes

  • — I Voiced Beavis And Butthead: Jim Conroy, of Celebrity Deathmatch, is in studio
  • — Man With Whore: Jim talks about his voiceover work in video games (Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption), and his shocking commercial work for AT&T
  • — The Wedding Was Great: Jim got married a month after 9/11
  • — Evasive Maneuvers: Jim’s wife is great at covering for him when he doesn’t remember somebody’s name.
  • — Game Over: Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s 4th president, died at 55. Jim won an Xbox from McDonald’s Monopoly after getting in a fight with his wife.
  • — 2 Cigarettes A Day: Jim worked in a prison as a commissary clerk while Keith worked on the other side
  • — I’m A Golden God: Keith reviews Escape From Alcatraz and Almost Famous.
  • — Boom Boom Into My Room: Did you know not to lick donuts that weren’t yours by age 22?
  • — Institutionalized: As it turns out, Mike, of not getting a Pepsi and being sent to a mental hospital fame, is actually a character from a Suicidal Tendencies song. This fact doesn’t change Keith’s opinion on right vs. wrong.
  • — Getting The Band Back Together: Keith talks about his lost wedding ring. Jim is on his 4th wedding ring, which cost him $7.
  • — Check For Tics: Inspired by Chemda’s interview with a man suffering from Tourette Syndrome, the gang discusses crazy situations and people they’ve encountered on public transportation


Jim ConroyJim Conroy

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