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Peggy O'Leary

Comedian best known as the host of Creek Cave Live and the podcast Hard, Lonely, and Vicious
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KATG 2633: An Honest Day’s Crunch

with Peggy O’Leary – Working for a sexist racist; Cold-EEZE’s horrible side effect; Powers Boothe dies; Drop Dead Diva; the banned internet café killer; Steve Harvey’s ridiculous staff memo; Chemda’s San Francisco ‘trip’; Kids Say The Darndest Things; Shaquille O’Neal, flat-Earth truther May 17, 2017

Show Notes

  • — An Extended Stay In L.A.: Peggy O’Leary, who is definitely not living in Los Angeles?, is in studio
  • — You Don’t Have To Blow Him: Peggy recounts her experiences working for a crazy person who owns a sandwich shop
  • — Funeral Flowers: Peggy’s sister owns a flower shop while her dad runs a funeral home
  • — An Apple A Day: Keith took the medication Cold-EEZE and wasn’t able to taste flavor for an entire a day
  • — Jesus Take The Wheel: Actor Powers Boothe died from natural causes at 68
  • — What Year Is It?: Chemda reveals that she watches Drop Dead Diva and other outdated garbage TV shows
  • — I Hope He Wins An Internet Cafe: The homeless man who killed a teen in self-defense is being banned from entering the internet cafe in Queens where the event took place
  • — He Just Rented A Boat: Steve Harvey is laying off his Chicago TV staff after 5 years as he starts a new show in L.A. He’s being a weird asshole during the transition.
  • — Lead With Weed: Chemda recounts her ‘trip’ to San Francisco
  • — Kids Say The Darndest Things: Chemda talks about her brother’s kids and how candid children are in general
  • — The Dumbest Thing Ever: Shaquille O’Neal proves that the world is flat


Peggy O'LearyPeggy O'Leary

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