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Sarah Tomek

Drummer for Steven Tyler's band Loving Mary and fiancée of Brother Love
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KATG 2780: Jesus Christmas

with Brother Love and Sarah Tomek — Brolo and Sarah’s 2nd wedding anniversary; Brolo’s commercial library; proving Jesus Christ is real; a church that passes out joints to worshippers; a menorah burns down a house and kills a wife and 3 kids; Donald Trump allows us to say ‘Merry Christmas’ again, and he changes the presidential momento coin; the Times Square ball; drunk man hijacks an ambulance thinking its his Audi; New Yorker names kids Winner and Loser to opposite results; Mexican man has 1½-foot-long penis; man has uncontrollable orgasms every time he lies down January 1, 2018

Show Notes

  • — LOVE: Brother Love, KATG favorite for over a decade, is in studio with his wife and Steven Tyler drummer Sarah Tomek celebrating his 2nd wedding anniversary
  • — MONEY: The gang go over Brolo’s vast library of advertising jingles and voice-over work
  • — Eye In The Sky: We all learn, with proof, that Jesus Christ is real, and He is the son of God
  • — Church Hybrid: Thanks to religious-freedom laws, a California church passes out marijuana joints to worshippers
  • — God’s Plan: A menorah catches a house on fire killing a husband’s wife and 3 kids, and the fire puts him in a coma
  • — Merry Christmas From President Donald J. Trump: America’s President takes credit for allowing us to once again publically say ‘Merry Christmas,’ unlike previous world leader Barack HUSSEIN! Obama. Also, Trump changes the challenge coin, the presidential momento coin, to be more about him.
  • — #MeToo: Tarana Burke, founder of the Me Too movement, drops the Times Square ball
  • — I’m An Ambulance Now: A man got so drunk he hijacked an ambulance by mistake thinking it was his Audi
  • — Winning!: A New Yorker named one of his sons Winner and the other Loser. They became the opposites as adults.
  • — God’s Sense Of Humor: A Mexican man wants to register as disabled due to his 1½-foot-long penis
  • — I Can’t Help It: A man suffers from uncontrollable orgasms every time he lies down

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