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Harrison Greenbaum

Comedian and magician best known for his appearance on Last Comic Standing and as a founding member of Harvard Stand-Up Comedy Society
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KATG 2239: Psyched Out

with Harrison Greenbaum – Harvard; debunking psychics; working for Katie Couric, Telemundo, Japanese TV, and Mad Magazine; Pope Francis forgives abortion for 1 year; Auschwitz’s new shower misters; teenage girl pressures boyfriend to commit suicide; Keith believes his bartender stole a customer’s phone; wanting to see bad things happen to bad people September 2, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Cum Laude: Harrison Greenbaum, comedian, magician, and co-founder of the Harvard College Stand-Up Comic Society (Harvard College SUCS), is in studio
  • — His Work Ethic Is Real: Harrison, who has been called 'the hardest working man in comedy' by two major New York papers, performs 700 shows per year and didn't even take time off during his birthright trip to Israel
  • — Not Really: Is Harrison Greenbaum heterosexual?
  • — Would You Fall For That?: Harrison debunks the mythos of psychics and mediums
  • — They Owe Me A Lot Of Pesos: Harrison was the head writer of Telemundo's first late night talk show, which ended up ripping him off. He also made one overdubbed appearance on a Japanese talk show interviewing scientists.
  • — Comedy Boot Camp: Harrison's comedy career started with a summer internship at Mad Magazine, for which he still writes
  • — Depression Spiral: Lest you think Harrison's life is perfect, he can get 'very very dark'
  • — Good News For Dummies: Pope Francis is accepting Catholics’ apologies for having abortions during the next Year of Mercy
  • — What A Gas: The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp memorial has come under fire for installing outdoor shower misters to cool off its guests
  • — Just Do It: According to text messages she sent him, a teenage girl successfully pressured her boyfriend to commit suicide
  • — Gay DeVito: Keith’s friend Adam Brown found a phone in the bathroom but didn't trust the bartender to whom he returned it, so they brought in Ray DeVito's new character Gay Person for a sting operation
  • — Karma Police: 60% of KATG's audience would like to personally witness bad things happening to bad people. Danny would want to see the scammer who took advantage of him tortured, and Wendy would like to see her abusive father beaten up.

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