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Paul Gilmartin

Comedian best known as the host of The Mental Illness Happy Hour and former co-host of TBS' Dinner & a Movie
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KATG 2851: MURDER w/ Paul Gilmartin

The Mental Illness Happy Hour; growing weed; therapy, feelings on women, and divorce; trauma and sexuality; cop searches man's underwear for weed; substitute teacher starts fight club in class; dating April 25, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Live From Hollyweed: We have The Mental Illness Happy Hour's Paul Gilmartin in Starburns Studio explaining why people in sunny Los Angeles are all in such a bad mood
  • — Nitro: Paul has been sober for 14 years, and he reminisces about his non-sober days growing weed in his apartment 
  • — Sadness Comes In, Anger Comes Out: Paul diagnoses Keith’s mental health 
  • — Breakthroughs: Paul discusses his experience going to therapy for the first time and the progress he has made with regards to his relationship with his mother and women in general
  • — Working Through It: Keith and Paul discuss their recent divorces
  • — Mommy Dearest: Paul discusses his feelings about porn and explains the link between trauma and sexuality
  • — Teachers vs. Cops: New Jersey State Trooper Joseph Drew forcibly reached into a man’s underwear to search for weed at a motor vehicle stop. Meanwhile, in Connecticut, substitute teacher Ryan Fish has been charged for running a fight club in his classroom amongst the students.
  • — Swiping: Keith and Paul compare their experiences dating


Paul Gilmartin and the gang
Paul Gilmartin and the gang
Officer Grabby, Joseph Drew
Officer Grabby, Joseph Drew
Ryan Fish, Fight Club teacher
Ryan Fish, Fight Club teacher
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