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Robyn Schall

Comedian best known as the host of the podcast The Bodcast and the web series Not the Sharpest Crayon
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KATG 2868: Call of Duty w/ Robyn Schall and Kyle Ocasio

Comic military tours; monogamous long-distance relationships; how to not be a mother; Keith vs. Tinder, online dating, paying on dates, and Keith's future with Kyle May 24, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Keeping It Tight: Robyn Schall and Kyle Ocasio, who both recently completed an all-female comic military tour in 5 countries, are in studio
  • — Relationship Status: Robyn is in a monogamous long-distance relationship that will intentionally stay long-distance. Kyle is in the middle of a separation with her husband while continuing to raise her 3 children
  • — Tell Mommy Your Name Again: Kyle’s son got injured playing sports and rode the NYC subway with blood all over his face because mommy was busy
  • — SWIPE ME!: Keith has not gotten a single match on Tinder. The gang discusses online dating, who pays on dates, and the future of Keith and Kyle


Kyle Ocasio
Kyle Ocasio
Robyn Schall
Robyn Schall
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