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Alison Klemp

Comedian and cast member of Music Choice's web series Questionable Choices
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KATG 2661: Piss Adjacent

with Alison Klemp – To Catch a Predator; cohabitating (with a comedian); squirting; George Clooney’s billion dollar tequila; Ask KATG; the Naked Show and vomit; Curtis Armstrong vs. Tom Cruise June 27, 2017

Show Notes

  • — It’s Been Too Long: Alison Klemp, whose hasn’t been on the show for a minute, is in studio
  • — Would You Like An IPA?: Alison worked on a show with Chris Hansen, and the gang talks about To Catch a Predator
  • — Mating and Cohabitating: Alison lives with her boyfriend who is also a comedian
  • — It Comes Out Clumpy: Alison is a squirter
  • — House Of Rich Friends: George Clooney is selling his tequila company for $1,000,000,000
  • — Dear Keith And The Girl: The group gives advice to various listeners. They give answers on how to be assertive when other men hit on your girlfriend in front of you, how to hook up with coworkers, and how to get over social anxiety and shyness.
  • — The Naked Show: Alison recounts some memorable moments she has had on the Naked Show including a comic throwing up halfway through his set
  • — Bible Study And Blow Jobs: Curtis Armstrong released a memoir recalling his time on and off the set of the 1983 film Risky Business. It turns out Tom Cruise was an animal.


Alison KlempAlison Klemp

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