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McQueen Adams

Comedian, musician, and visual artist best known for his work with Radiohead
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KATG 2334: Kid A(nus)

with Paul Hooper and Jesse McQueen Adams – Impressions and touring with Radiohead; Radiohead’s new album announcement; airplane travel and the death of George Kennedy; Deadpool will overtake The Passion of the Christ’s record; absentee fathers, stepparents, and multiple weddings; German mayor caught with extreme BDSM porn; Chris Rock exaggerated Girl Scout cookie sales; Super Tuesday March 1, 2016

Show Notes

  • — What's Your Name?: Paul Hooper, who has retired from the dick pic scene, and Jesse McQueen Adams, who says we can call him whatever we want, are in studio
  • — The 17th Member Of Radiohead: McQueen, who toured with non-vegan band Radiohead as a videographer, shows off his Thom Yorke impression (among others) and drops some exciting news about the band’s upcoming 9th album
  • — Close The Airport: Keith, Paul, and McQueen bond over the bad times they have when they travel via airplane. George Kennedy, star of the Airport film series, has died.
  • — Whip It: Deadpool has earned over $600,000,000 worldwide in just 3 weeks of release and is set to overtake notorious tearjerker The Passion of the Christ as the top-grossing R-rated movie of all time. Paul somehow knows even less about movies than Chemda.
  • — The Passion Of Paul’s Dad: McQueen discusses his estranged relationship with his father, who not only doesn’t like him but is also possibly stalking him. Paul’s dad is getting married for the 4th time, this time as a Catholic.
  • — Big Dumb Screenshot Mistake: After accidentally releasing a screenshot of his computer with multiple pornography tabs open in the background, a German mayor claimed he was innocently doing research on BDSM. McQueen and Paul discuss the various things they’ve put up their butts. Paul might have prostate cancer.
  • — A Thin Mint: Chris Rock vastly exaggerated how much money the Girl Scouts made selling cookies during the Oscars
  • — Super Tuesday: McQueen voted for Bernie Sanders in the Massachusetts presidential primary, but he’s pretty sure Hillary Clinton will win. Keith and Chemda announce their own competing campaigns for President of the United States of America.

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