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Carrie Gravenson

Comedian and home organizer best known as a member of the Pink Collar Comedy Tour
Carrie Gravenson has been on 25 shows

KATG 3813: The Infinite Wrench w/ Katharine Heller and Carrie Gravenson

Favorites Katharine Heller and Carrie Gravenson join Keith to discuss his behavior at The New York Neo-Futurists’ The Infinite Wrench. The trio also discusses a 60-year-old Miss Universe, Ozempic causing erectile dysfunction, Jon Bon Jovi’s pretentious documentary THANK YOU, GOODNIGHT, Netflix’s The Circle, and Carrie’s life-changing solar eclipse experience. May 1, 2024

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Show Notes

  • — Jerry Seinfeld vs. Woke Culture
  • — Keith, The Infinite Wrench, and paranoia
  • — Miss Universe Buenos Aires is 60 years old
  • — Ozempic is causing erectile dysfunction
  • — The scene around Donald Trump’s hush money trial
  • — Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft and Carrie Gravenson’s life-changing solar eclipse experience
  • — r/RoastMe
  • — Netflix’s The Circle
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