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Ralph Sutton

Co-host of The SDR podcast and host of The Tour Bus radio show
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KATG 2356: High Steaks

with Tim Dillon and Ralph Sutton – Tim’s grandma died; why music tastes change; the handicap of being tall; working as a strip club DJ; Ralph was a teenage hacker; your spring menu; the Jesus Shot; Tim’s political views; KATG poll results March 31, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Family Fun Hour: Tim Dillon, whose grandmother just died, and Ralph Sutton, whose father recently underwent surgery for cancer, are in studio
  • — Keith's New Best Friend: The gang discusses why music tastes change
  • — Tall Order: Keith, Ralph, and Tim, who are all somewhere on the large spectrum, discuss the daily hardships they must endure because of their size
  • — Coming To The Stage, Coming In The Sound Booth: Ralph used to work as a strip club DJ but quit after 10 years despite the 'crazy good money' and constant sex
  • — Renaissance Man: Ralph finds it very easy to convince women to sleep with him, probably because of the time he spent as a chef, breakdancer, and teenage hacker on the FBI's wanted list
  • — Chunky Bleu: Tim announces his spring cheese and soup menu, and Tim and Ralph inform us of the best steaks going today
  • — Jesus Shot: An Oklahoma doctor is under investigation for offering patients a $300 miracle painkilling shot without telling them what's in it
  • — Poll-itics: 65% of KATG’s audience believes Big Media is in the pocket of Hillary Clinton, and 78% are bouncing for Bernie Sanders. Tim tells you how you should feel about Hillary, Bernie, Donald Trump, and the upcoming election in general.
  • — Fun Polls: 11% of KATG's audience wish Kendra Wilkinson was their mom so they could see her naked. 65% think the underwear stealing kitten is really just an innocent scapecat. 73% have sent or received pictures of 'private parts'

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