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Vlogger and dating expert known for her TEDx Talks and her podcasts Love HQ and Attraction HQ
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KATG 2359: Eyes on the Prize

with Hayley Quinn and Geneviève LeJeune – Disabled parents and abusive lovers; pick-up artists and relationship experts; Skirt Club, the exclusive club for women only; James Deen’s victim Amber Rayne dead at age 31; the Panama Papers; England’s view of American politics; selling weed and expiration dates April 6, 2016

Show Notes

  • — London Calling: Hayley Quinn and Geneviève LeJeune, both from different parts of London, are in studio
  • — Parent-plegic: Hayley grew up with 2 disabled parents
  • — Gaping Hole: Hayley discusses how an abusive relationship led to her involvement in the pick-up artist scene, why pick-up artists aren’t such bad guys, and how she parlayed that experience into her current profession as a dating expert
  • — Skirt Club: Geneviève, who’s married, is the founder of an exclusive club for women who want to explore their sexuality with each other
  • — James Deen Strikes Again: Porn star Amber Rayne was found dead in her home at 31
  • — Panama Papers: Leaked documents exposing the illegal offshore accounts of multiple world leaders and prominent people have caused Iceland’s prime minister to hand in his resignation, one day after he said he would not resign
  • — Orange Is The New Bleak: Hayley and Geneviève are enthralled by the American presidential election
  • — Common Sense: 60% of KATG’s listeners honor expiration dates. 35% believe selling weed sounds like a good job.

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