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Anna Drezen

Comedian and writer best known for her blog and book How May We Hate You?
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KATG 2369: Block the Vote

with Anna Drezen – Panic attacks; Anakin Skywalker jailed and put in a psychiatric ward; a man builds a robotic Scarlett Johansson; dad hires ex-con to test his kids; Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s apology to Australia; what concierges think about you; voting in NYC; the American Independent Party; Hillary Clinton’s pals mentioned in the Panama Papers; Donald Trump calls 9/11 ‘7-Eleven’ and asks Pittsburgh what happened to Joe Paterno April 20, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Only In Bookstores: Anna Drezen, whose new book is coming out, is in studio
  • — Not To Brag: Anna suffers from severe panic attacks and just had her anxiety medication dosage doubled
  • — The Dumb Darth Vader: Jake Lloyd, best known as Star Wars's young Anakin Skywalker, was transferred from jail to a psychiatric ward to treat his schizophrenia
  • — Her: A man built and designed a robot version of Scarlett Johannson
  • — Teachable Moment: A Cleveland dad had his friend pose as an ex-con to see if his kids would let him into their house. They did.
  • — Public Enemies: Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard recorded a video apology for smuggling their dogs into Australia
  • — How May We Hate You: Anna’s book chronicles her and her co-author's experiences as concierges in over 50 hotels
  • — Vote Or Why Bother: The New York Democratic primary was a to-do for almost everyone who tried to vote, including Keith and Chemda. Over 500,000 Californians are blocked from voting after accidentally registering with the ultraconservative American Independent Party when they understood they were registering as independent voters.
  • — She's Starting To Seem Shady: A number of Hillary Clinton's friends and supporters have been connected to illegal offshore shell companies through the Panama Papers
  • — How About That Whole Deal?: Rex Ryan and Joe Paterno’s ghost have endorsed President Donald Trump, probably because of Trump’s hardline stance on preventing another 7/11


Anna DrezenAnna Drezen

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