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Comedian best known as the producer of the You Know What Dude podcast
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KATG 2371: Real Ass Dudes

with Kerryn Feehan and Chris Scopo – Comedy roast battles; 4/20 observances; Midnight Special reviewed; Chyna and Prince died; Clinton campaign fraud; Donald Trump denounces Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill; the president of an exclusive Harvard club warns that joining women will be raped; Andrea Allan’s cancer-stricken cat April 22, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Real Ass Dudes: Kerryn Feehan and Chris Scopo are in studio
  • — Old Man Mean Jokes: Kerryn defeated Chris in a roast battle earlier this month
  • — Green Christmas: Kerryn, Chris, and Chemda recap their 4/20 observances
  • — Critics Are Dumb: Keith reviews Midnight Special
  • — When Doves Die: Former wrestler Chyna is dead at 45; Prince was found dead in his home at 57
  • — It’s All Bullshit: Chris and Kerryn didn’t vote in the New York primary, but they sure wanted to. The gang discusses the many instances of Clinton-induced voter fraud that have occurred since the Democratic primary season began.
  • — Green Day: Escaped former slave Harriet Tubman will replace slave owner Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill, and Donald Trump is not pleased
  • — What A Pig: The president of the exclusive all-male Harvard Porcellian Club resigned after saying women would probably be raped if they were allowed to join
  • — Andrea Allan needs help covering her cancer-stricken cat’s medical expenses

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