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Diana Kolsky

Comedian, designer, illustrator, and host of the Ménage à Trois Radio podcast
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KATG 2373: Politics as Usual

with Murf Meyer and Diana Kolsky – Murf tries out for a legit baseball team; being addicted to heroin; the problems with the Liberty Bell; KATG polls; Andrew Dice Clay’s new show ‘Dice’; sperm bank misrepresents a donor who is a schizophrenic felon; Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension; Johnny Manziel dropped by his team, his agent, and charged with assault; Curt Schilling fired by ESPN for his anti-trans views; Cruz and Kasich work together against Trump; Michael Khalili likes Clinton over Trump while Keith disagrees; Clinton spends $1 million on Internet trolls to attack Bernie Sanders’ supporters April 26, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Ménage À Trois Radio: Murf Meyer and Diana Kolsky, lovers and podcast hosts, are in studio
  • — No ‘I’ In Team: Murf was once a great baseball player and even recently tried out for a spot on the Somerset Patriots' baseball team
  • — Power Couple: Murf used to be addicted to heroin, but these days he’s just a functioning alcoholic. Diana is a designer and illustrator for books and album covers.
  • — Cracking Up: Keith and Diana agree that the Liberty Bell is bullshit
  • — A Picture Does Many, Many Words: 29% of KATG’s fans pick their nose in public. Only 1 listener thinks the man who created a Scarlett Johansson robot isn’t having sex with the robot. 66% think curvy means fat.
  • — He’s Back, Baby: Keith watched the first episode of Andrew Dice Clay’s new show ‘Dice’
  • — Jism Schism: 3 families are suing a sperm bank for allowing the seed of a schizophrenic felon donor (who lied about his IQ and education) to be used 36 times
  • — Deflategate 2 - Return of Deflategate: Tom Brady will get his 4-game suspension after all
  • — Johnny Free Agent: Johnny Manziel was dropped by his agent, charged with assault, and served an order of protection after he repeatedly hit his then-girlfriend
  • — Transemployed: Curt Schilling was fired from his job as an ESPN analyst after he shared an anti-trans bathroom meme on Facebook
  • — Let It All Bern: Ted Cruz and John Kasich have teamed up to stop Donald Trump from gaining more delegates. Michael Khalili calls in to explain why Hillary Clinton is a better choice than Trump while Keith disagrees. After directly consulting with Hillary Clinton, her Super PAC spent $1,000,000 on fake online trolls to attack Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

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