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Rachel Coleman

Comedian best known as the winner of Worst Cooks in America season 1
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with Rachel Coleman – Worst Cooks in America; Weight Watchers; drinking, dating, and dick pics; KATG polls; Sinéad O'Connor calls out drug dealer Arsenio Hall; Hulk Hogan sues Gawker again; Subway’s Jared Fogle says he’s not as bad as he seems; Keith reviews the 16-time Tony nominated musical Hamilton sight unseen May 4, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Most Improved: Rachel Coleman, winner of Worst Cooks in America season 1, is in studio
  • — Pink Collar: Rachel gained 60 pounds after learning how to actually cook, but lost it when she joined Weight Watchers
  • — Horny Drunk: Rachel discusses drinking, dating, and dick pics
  • — Pollternity Test: 55% of the audience thinks Peter Sloan is William Shatner’s son; 23% think the Shia LaBeouf look-a-like is telling the truth about being punched in the face; 77% don’t think dead artists’ unreleased work should be made public without their permission; 50% have never had a dog, while 33% know their dogs love hugs
  • — Sinéad O'Called Out: Sinéad O'Connor says Arsenio Hall, in addition to being Prince’s and Eddie Murphy’s bitch, supplied Prince with the drugs that killed him. She says Arsenio also once spiked her drink.
  • — Mr. Nanny: After winning $140,000,000 from Gawker for releasing a clip of his sex tape, Hulk Hogan is suing Gawker again for releasing a transcript from a different part of the same tape where he said the n-word multiple times
  • — Mistakes Were Made: In a letter he sent to an old girlfriend from jail, convicted child rapist Jared Fogle said he only made ‘a couple mistakes’
  • — Tony! Tony!: The musical Hamilton received 16 Tony nominations, setting a new record. Keith reviews the hottest Broadway plays.

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