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Molly Austin

Comedian and actor best known for her sketches with Austin Martinez
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KATG 2824: Times Are Changing

with Molly Austin – 2018’s KATG Stand-Up-Athon; women and alcoholism; Molly and dating apps; Chemda saves the homeless; Keith and Chemda’s anniversary dinner; O.J. Simpson’s shocking interview for If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer; Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years March 12, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Welcome Back: We have our favorite free spirit, Molly Austin, in studio
  • — Wild Animals: Keith and Chemda recount details of the Stand-Up-Athon and the different “styles” of the comedians
  • — Rosé All Day: There’s been an upswing in alcoholism in women which is connected to alcohol companies marketing directly to them with the color pink
  • — First Date Killer: Molly discusses her experiences and men's shenanigans on dating apps
  • — Cheering Them On: Chemda pressured a rich guy into giving a homeless person $20 on the subway
  • — Old School Homestead: Chemda gave Keith weed before their anniversary dinner to put him in a good mood. Keith and Chemda recount the blatant sexism they were faced with and the barely adequate food at their anniversary dinner.
  • — Nobody Is Driving The Car: Fox aired a 2-hour interview with O.J. Simpson that was conducted in 2006 and never released. In the interview, Simpson outlined how he “hypothetically” killed Goldman and the mother of his 2 children with words that include “I remember...”
  • — Martin Shkreli Is Sumthing ta Fuck Wit: Mr. Shkreli cried in court as he got sentenced to 7 years in prison for federal fraud charges related to hedge funds and a drug company that he once ran


Molly AustinMolly Austin

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