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Comedian best known for her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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KATG 2778: Pricks

with Emma Willmann – Alcohol recovery; relating more as a man; net neutrality; customer service’s rude politeness; studying rape culture; Russell Simmons’s new rape accusations and Dustin Hoffman’s new unwanted digital penetration and masturbating at minors accusations; taboo porn; Morgan Spurlock’s half-sexual assault confessions; why people cheat; Matt Damon’s ridiculous thoughts on Hollywood sexual assault December 15, 2017

Show Notes

  • — That’s So Me: The last time Emma Willmann was in studio, one year ago, she said she was going to get into smoking pot in order curb her drinking. Emma gives us her lifestyle update.
  • — Your Inside Prick: Emma discusses feeling more comfortable in traditional male gender roles
  • — Republican Trickery: The FCC chairman has successfully led a vote to repeal the Open Internet Order
  • — Thank You For Understanding: Keith recounts his condescending back and forth email with Uber customer service, and Emma recounts a similar experience she had with customer service for Bank of America
  • — Dismantling The Privilege: Chemda did some research into rape culture and shares her findings. Emma recounts her experience going to a class in college regarding anti-racism.
  • — Come Sit On My Crotch: More victims have surfaced against Russell Simmons and Dustin Hoffman, with Simmons having 3 accounts of rape among other crimes and Hoffman masturbating in front of minors and forcible penetration
  • — This Is Disgusting And I’m Sorry: Emma discusses some of the more taboo porn she watches, and the gang discusses if porn is perpetuating rape culture
  • — Part Of The Problem: Morgan Spurlock put out a statement on Twitter partially detailing his sexual misconduct including harassment in the workplace and an incident where he may have raped a woman in college. The gang discusses his motives for releasing the statement and why there are oddly big gaps in the rape story.
  • — Why Do You Cheat?: Emma discusses her past indiscretions and what factors led her to cheat on her girlfriends
  • — Wait And See: Matt Damon did an interview with ABC News where he gave his stupid, ill-informed opinions on the sexual predators that have been outed in Hollywood


Emma WillmannEmma Willmann

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