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Blair Socci

Comedian and host of MTV's Ladylike
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KATG 2630: No Service

with Blair Socci – Comedian breakups; Chemda vs. AT&T; lost airport luggage; sex booths; Keith’s inappropriate veterinarian May 14, 2017

Show Notes

  • — What If Your Mother Was A Hooker?: Blair Socci, whose parents don’t think comedy is a real job, is in studio
  • — A Full Breakup Set: Blair recently got out of a breakup with another comedian who started dating her close friend
  • — AT&T Cares: Keith and Blair read the transcript of Chemda’s ridiculous online chat with AT&T that lasted over 3 hours
  • — Erin Brockovich, Please Help Us: Chemda had flight issues and her luggage didn’t arrive at her destination. Fake crying saved the day.
  • — A Sixty Billion Dollar Industry: 12% of the listeners admit they have masturbated in a public booth
  • — Call Sarah McLachlan: Keith’s veterinarian made an off-color blowjob joke. The gang talks about how strangers divulge advice, personal information, and political opinions without being prompted


Blair SocciBlair Socci

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