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Matt Goldich

Comedian, Emmy winner, and host of the Sorry I've Been So Busy podcast
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KATG 2398: Where Am I?

with Matt Goldich – Dog owners vs. child owners; MSNBC admits networks are told to announce Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee on June 7th before primaries close; Snoop Dogg boycotts the Roots remake; strip club sign offends neighborhood; Puck from Glee indicted on child porn charges; swimmer drowns at lifeguard tryouts; Michael Bay’s odd views on actresses; NYC spends $6.6 million on Weight Watchers for city workers June 1, 2016

Show Notes

  • — His Name Is Matt And I Like Him: Emmy winner Matt Goldich is in studio
  • — Sorry I’ve Been So Busy: Matt discusses the podcast he hosts with his friend, who was also supposed to be on KATG today, but got too busy
  • — That: Matt has a 1-year-old son. Keith makes the case that dog owners have more responsibilities than parents do.
  • — In It For The Jokes: According to Chris Matthews, TV networks are prepared to preemptively announce Hillary Clinton as the winner of California’s June 7th primary before the polls close. Failed Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has a grim prognosis for America.
  • — Dogg Off It: Snoop Dogg is boycotting the Roots remake because he’s tired of watching slave narratives
  • — Gap Year: A strip club says its sign looking to hire high school graduates was just a joke after people got offended
  • — The Cloud: Mark Salling, best known as Puck from Glee, has been indicted on 2 counts of child pornography possession
  • — Breast Stroking: A record-setting college swimmer drowned during lifeguard tryouts
  • — Bad Boy: Kate Beckinsale says Michael Bay frequently made fun of her appearance in Pearl Harbor
  • — Cold Topic: New York City will spend $6,600,000 so city employees can join Weight Watchers


Matt GoldichMatt Goldich

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