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Bob Hawk

Independent film producer and gay rights activist
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KATG 2402: 2 Fast 2 Furious

with Bob Hawk – Film Hawk; attempted suicide at 57; the beginning of LGBT activism and the start of the AIDS crisis; stuttering and impotency June 7, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Birdman: Bob Hawk, Mr. Independent Film, is in studio
  • — Film Hawk: 78-year-old Bob discusses his struggle with clinical depression, which he wasn’t diagnosed with until he tried to kill himself at 57
  • — The Adventures Of Robin Hood: Bob talks about his experiences as an LGBT activist and when he realized he was gay
  • — How Do You Feel Complete?: Bob is single, but he’s had his share of sex over the years. He tests his gaydar on Keith and Danny and offers a first-person perspective on living through the AIDS crisis.
  • — ThatMan On Retardation: Podcaster and documentary filmmaker Scott Holden, who introduced us to Bob, calls in to stick up for Libby’s treatment on the previous KATG episode
  • — Blocker: Bob has suffered from a stutter since he was 4 years old, but soon discovered that he didn’t stutter on stage
  • — What About Little Bob?: Bob suffers from Peyronie’s Disease, underwent laser surgery for an enlarged prostate, and has been taking antidepressants since 1995, all of which has contributed to his current state of impotence


Bob HawkBob Hawk

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