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Mike Yard

Comedian and host of the Yard Talk podcast, best known for his work on The Nightly Show with Larry Willmore
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KATG 2404: I Have a Gun

with Carmen Lynch and Mike Yard – Witnessing fistfights; Hillary Clinton, presidential nominee; Axl Rose tries to take down fat Internet picture; Bobby Brown had sex with a ghost; Floyd Mayweather buys $7.7 million mansion with cash; fake million dollar school donation; drinking urine for extra credit; the text proof against Johnny Depp; man demands back half the money he spent on his ex; 6-year-old calls 911 because his dad drove through a stop sign; how to end street harassment; KATG sex polls June 9, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Fight Club: Carmen Lynch and Mike Yard, who have seen plenty of fights in NYC, are in studio
  • — Herstory: Hillary Clinton is the first female presidential nominee. Keith still came out on top.
  • — Sweet Pie O’ Mine: Axl Rose is trying to get a fat picture of himself from 2010 removed from the Internet
  • — Ghosted: Bobby Brown says he had sex with a ghost
  • — The Richest: Floyd Mayweather bought a $7,700,000 house in cash
  • — Class Action: A man donated $1,500,000 to a Brooklyn high school, but his checks bounced multiple times after the school already bought new equipment. A physiology professor at Brigham Young University is no longer allowed to offer his students the chance to drink urine for extra credit.
  • — Little Lost Boy: 61% of KATG listeners are on Team Johnny Depp. Texts between Johnny’s estranged wife Amber Heard and his assistant seem to confirm that Johnny did physically abuse her. Amber says the LAPD lied in their assessment of her after Johnny’s latest alleged beating.
  • — $685.00: A Russian lawyer is suing his ex-girlfriend for every penny he spent on her while they were together
  • — Snitches Get Grounded: A 6-year-old boy called 911 to report his dad for running a red light
  • — I Have A Gun, Trust Me: Mike stopped putting up with bullies and the gang discusses how to stop street harassment
  • — Mike And Carmen Don't Make A Porno: 42% of the audience has made a porn video. 65% of the audience is horny.

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