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Quiet Chad

Patrick's right hand (silent) man.
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KATG 817: Star Power

If you don't leave now, I will shoot you. September 29, 2008

Show Notes

  • — Jewish Cuisine: It's just meat
  • — Chemda reveals her double life
  • — Brother Love opens for Kid Rock
  • — KATG and Politics: NO THANKS, DELETE!
  • — Aspiring chef dies after eating hot chili sauce
  • — Confrontation: Mike apologizes for raping your sister
  • — Vegans are little bitches at restaurants and all around bad people
  • — Clara apologizes to Keith and Chemda, UNDO DELETE
  • — Keith's Movie: Guns, Cum Sheets and Acting Boners
  • — Patrick has a temper: What? You can't take a fucking joke?
  • — Keith Acts a 10
  • — Paul Newman is dead
  • — Chemda's Records, Keith throws out the tents
  • — Party Super Party: rellek's heart ache
  • — The Chris Rock Special
  • — God smites Chinaman with lightening for taking friend's money
  • — Teenage boys try to kill mom to get money for girlfriend's breast implants
  • — Israeli Party Super Party!

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