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KATG 2410: Achievement Unlocked

with Rebecca Rush – Fathers; sobriety and Rebecca’s cocaine-fueled marriage; Keith swore to his parents; Keith is Spider-Man; rehabilitation; Chemda’s vomitus accident; racist and sexist social media tirades from the USPS, the Marines, and a Florida prosecutor; Finding Dory and The Conjuring 2 reviewed; Keith vs. Siri; doing drugs as a child June 19, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Here Comes A Female: Rebecca Rush, a woman in comedy, is in studio
  • — Cards Against Humanity: The gang discusses how they celebrated Father’s Day. Rebecca’s dad, a lawyer, is wary about seeing her do stand-up even though he already paid for her marriage, divorce, and trip to rehab.
  • — In And Out: Rebecca is mostly sober these days, but she relapses about once a month
  • — White Wedding: Rebecca discusses her cocaine-fueled marriage and life as a South Beach housewife with a now-ex-husband who lied about his age and liked to party with prostitutes
  • — What Did I Just Say?: Keith accidentally swore twice while on the phone with his parents
  • — Ron Winckler Says Goodbye: Chemda pays tribute to her father-in-law
  • — Happy Flag Day: Keith reminisces on how he convinced his sister that he was Spider-Man
  • — Don’t Ask, Don’t Think, Don’t Tell, Don’t Feel: Rebecca talks about her and her family’s rehab experiences
  • — The Third Layer: Chemda closed the door on her ankle and ripped off a chunk of skin
  • — Hate Speech Monday: In a Facebook post, a self-proclaimed US mail carrier said she would destroy any piece of mail with a stamp commemorating Islamic holidays. In a separate Facebook post, a Marine posted a picture of a gun and an implication that he would use it to shoot up a gay bar. A man threatened to shoot up a different gay bar in Brooklyn after the Pulse shooting. Finally, an Orlando prosecutor was suspended after posting angry rants about the Orlando club scene on Facebook.
  • — I’m The Best Husband: Keith reviews Finding Dory and The Conjuring 2
  • — The Suspense Is Killing Me: Keith vs. Siri, round 1,000,000
  • — Chocolate Gateway: Rebecca talks about her childhood dalliances with drugs


Rebecca RushRebecca Rush

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