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KATG 2604: You Can’t See Me

with Emily Lubin and Liz Magee – Waitress mom; fat camp; losing your virginity; your dad not being your dad; John Cena’s big mistake; Jews’ devil horns; storm chasers crash into each other, everyone dies; Boss Baby, Beauty and The Beast, Ghost in the Shell, and Power Rangers reviewed April 4, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Ladies’ Night: Emily Lubin and Liz Magee are in studio
  • — Raised By Applebee's: Liz was raised by a single mother who was a career waitress
  • — Hand Jobs Burn Calories: Emily was sent to a fat camp without her knowing it was a fat camp. She lost 15 pounds and gave a hand job to a fellow camper.
  • — If The Van’s A’Rockin’: Liz lost her virginity in the back of a van in a parking lot
  • — My Two Dads: Liz’s father who raised her revealed to her that he really isn’t her birth father out of spite
  • — John Cena Sucks: During an appearance at a hospital, John Cena blundered by saying his catchphrase ‘You Can’t See Me’ to a blind boy
  • — My Other Half: Liz has a tattoo of a puzzle piece that matches her sister’s tattoo. They didn’t realize until after they were inked that the puzzle piece tattoo represents autism awareness
  • — What’s Up With Jews?: Somebody sincerely asked Emily if she had horns because she is Jewish
  • — Died Doing What They Loved: In Texas, 3 storm chasers died by crashing into each other in their vehicles while chasing a Tornado
  • — Movies Roundup: The gang discusses Boss Baby, Beauty and The Beast, Ghost in the Shell, and Power Rangers

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