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Katie McVay

Comedian, star of Yell You Better, and founder of Chicago's The Comedy Exposition festival
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KATG 2425: Hard Right

with Katie McVay – Men’s needs; Pokémon Go; Keith reviews the latest comic strips; Alton Sterling’s rap sheet and Misha Barton’s inappropriate post; 13-year-old boy lies about being groped in a park; UFC 200; UFC sells for $4 billion; George Takei is upset the new Sulu is gay; The Legend of Tarzan reviewed; Joe Perry collapses on stage; Newsy’s art exhibition July 12, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Yell You Better: Katie McVay, host of a web series where she yells advice at people, is in studio
  • — I Date A Lot Of Cowards: Katie, who finds men needy and exhausting, describes her flirting method
  • — How Old Are You?: Katie is loving Pokémon Go, which became more popular than Tinder within 2 days. A teen in Wyoming stumbled upon a corpse in a river while playing the game, and 4 people systematically robbed players by waiting for them near popular in-game locations.
  • — Bitches Be Strippin’: Keith reviews the latest newspaper comic strips and shares some of his own
  • — Always Look On The Bright Side Of Death: Keith was less sad about Alton Sterling’s death when he learned of his rap sheet. Mischa Barton’s post about Sterling’s death - a picture of herself on her yacht with a glass of wine - drew angry responses.
  • — Hammurabi’s Groping Code: A 13-year-old lied about being groped in a Brooklyn park. Should the boy actually be groped as punishment?
  • — It's A Hit: UFC was sold for $4,000,000,000; meanwhile, thanks to UFC 200, Keith made $5
  • — Oh My: George Takei, Star Trek’s original Hikaru Sulu, is not pleased that the rebooted Sulu is gay
  • — Make All Your Animals Talk: Keith reviews The Legend of Tarzan
  • — Get Well Joe: Joe Perry collapsed during a performance with The Hollywood Vampires, his band with Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper
  • — Chu Know It: Newsy’s first art exhibition


Katie McVayKatie McVay

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