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Sara Armour

Comedian, life coach, and host of The Moonual at Caroline's
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KATG 2427: In the Cards

with Sara Armour – Life coaching as a comedian; crystals and tarot cards; Pokémon Go explained; K2: synthetic weed; Lena Dunham wants the gun on Jason Bourne posters vandalized July 14, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Laugh Coach: Sara Armour, life coach and comedian, is in studio
  • — Miraculous: Sara currently lives with her parents, which a $240 telephone psychic predicted would happen 2 years ago.
  • — Are You Reading The Instructions Right Now?: Sara, who keeps crystals in her fanny pack and/or bra, does a tarot reading for the room/herself
  • — I Want To Be The Very Best: KATG’s new apprentice Gabe joins the show to explain Pokémon Go and how monster-infested the studio is. The Holocaust Museum and various cemeteries have asked people not to play the game on their property.
  • — #LegalizeIt: 33 people simultaneously overdosed on K2 near the only place to buy it in Brooklyn. Michael Khalili calls in to explain.
  • — The Bourne Whydentity: Lena Dunham supports the movement to vandalize the guns out of all Jason Bourne subway ads
  • — You Playin’ Pokémon?: Keith previews his next My Name Is Keith episode, starring Jay Nog
  • — The Moonual: Sara hosts a show at Caroline’s based on moon cycles


Sara ArmourSara Armour

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