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Andy Hendrickson

Comedian known for his appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and at NYC's Comedy Cellar.
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Hang 66: Spanx for Nothing

Myq hangs with Greg Warren and Andy Hendrickson on The KATG Network June 6, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Greetings: Myq welcomes guests Andy Hendrickson and Greg Warren to the studio
  • — Synergy: Greg is from Springfield, Missouri and Andy is from Springfield, Virginia, which is obviously why Myq booked them together
  • — Boy Loses Billionaire Girl: Andy took a comedy class and went on a failed-date with Sarah Blakely, the woman who invented Spanx and became the youngest female billionaire in the world
  • — Highbrow: The (male) gang discusses the quandary of how much to pay while out on a date with a woman, which leads to a dissection of gender roles and then racism
  • — Childish Prodigy: Myq moved to New York and immediately started turning the comedy world's heads, unlike most people who do it
  • — Hang Out With Shane And April: Myq plugs the theme song for Shane Mauss and April Macie's podcast, also written by Zach Sherwin
  • — Nope: The gang ponders the ultimate question — Is there one single style of stand-up that everybody likes?
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