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Rob Haze

Comedian and co-host of The Book of Ye podcast who has appeared on Adam Devine's House Party and won the 2015 Laughing Skull Festival
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KATG 3786: The Mispronunciation of Chemda w/ Rob Haze

Rob Haze returns to discuss stand-up specials, Chemda’s departure, and Elvis impersonators who are a little too accurate. March 1, 2024

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Show Notes

  • — Kanye West, then and now
  • — Rob Haze presents Haze-O-Pedia and Frontin’
  • — Long engagements
  • — Chemda reviews Keith’s new album Nice Try, Tricksters
  • — Listener feedback on Chemda’s departure
  • — Elvis Presley, Priscilla, and impersonators who are a little too accurate


Rob HazeRob Haze


Kanye West
Kanye West

Art by Mallory Jane
Art by Mallory Jane

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