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Chris Daniels

Comedian and host of the podcast The Book of Ye who has performed in the Detroit Comedy Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Festival, and Gilda's Laughfest
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KATG 2881: Heel Turn w/ Chris Daniels and Hannah Boone

Kanye West’s public persona; Hannah’s sobriety from everything; sober people judging drunk people; online dating trainwrecks; unmemorable people; Oregan man on LSD chased by cops for 40 miles; Twitter feuds between world leaders; Chemda’s constantly changing opinions on musicals; Ocean's 8, Solo, and Deadpool 2 reviewed; the Mr. Rogers documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor? reviewed; nerds are the new bullies June 12, 2018

Show Notes

  • — New York’s Finest: We have greats Chris Daniels and Hannah Boone in studio
  • — Book Of Cray: Chris gives his take on Kanye West’s erratic public behavior and reviews his most recent album, Ye
  • — You Have These Quirks: Hannah is 1 year sober from drugs and alcohol. She is now attending Sex and Love Addiction meetings.
  • — Late To Suck Your Dick: Hannah re-added the dating apps on her phone and gives a dating update. Chris describes his bad online dating experiences.
  • — Not Memorable: The gang discusses how awkward and uncomfortable it is when you introduce yourself to somebody and they are annoyed that you don’t remember them
  • — Tell Me My Mission: Anthony Clark, an Oregon man, was so high on LSD that he thought he was in the video game Grand Theft Auto when he led police on a 40-mile car chase
  • — Everybody Wants To Be Wendy: The Israeli embassy posted a Mean Girl’s gif in response to a Twitter threat from the Islamic Republic
  • — Heel Turn: They are making a Pretty Woman musical and there is currently one based on the works of Alanis Morissette. Chemda was initially repulsed by both of these and is now fully on board much to everybody’s confusion.
  • — Hot Takes: The gang covers Ocean's 8, Solo, and Deadpool 2
  • — One Good Person: Chris was a huge fan of Mr. Rogers growing up, and he loved the documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor?
  • — Bully: The gang discusses how touching and infuriating the documentary Bully was and their experiences with bullying growing up
  • — All Slimey To Me: Chris gives his take on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West being publically affiliated with Donald Trump

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