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KATG 2450: Done with Weiners

with Brooke Arnold and Laura Hooper – Brooke’s one-woman show about growing up fundamentalist Christian; being a gymnast with breasts; Rio 2016 and the Mercy Rule; Pete’s Dragon review; more proof of Johnny Depp’s rage and KATG polls August 16, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Growing Up Fundie: Brooke Arnold, former KATG apprentice and fundamentalist Christian, and Laura Hooper, the director of Brooke’s one-woman show, are in studio
  • — Gymnastics Cult: Laura used to be a rhythmic gymnast but quit when her boobs grew in
  • — GOOOOOAAAAAL: The U.S. is doing so well in the Olympics that there should probably be some sort of mercy rule, but not the kind that Danny’s childhood soccer team followed
  • — Big Gay Ben: Brooke can’t watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or Jesus Camp without experiencing PTSD. Laura had to experience life as a Mormon for drama school.
  • — Bald Spot: Brooke discusses the moment she realized everything she’d been taught was hogwash
  • — Back To The Sleeves: Brooke has a hard time showing her arms because of her very puritan upbringing, and the one time she tried going sleeveless ended with her being catcalled
  • — Hi Miss Brooke: Brooke discusses some of the terrifying messages she’s received from devout Christian strangers. A man punched Brooke in the head on a packed subway train when her flip-flop brushed against his pant-leg.
  • — It’s For Children: Keith reviews the Pete’s Dragon reboot
  • — Hands Off: According to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp accidentally cut his fingertip off in a drug-induced rage before using his stump to paint an angry message to Amber. 100% of KATG’s audience is now on Team Amber. 81% believe Jared Leto should be in Arkham Asylum. 31% think Jason Burke is too pretty.

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