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KATG 2770: The Oldest Profession

with Wendi Starling and Kaytlin Bailey – Prostitution vs. wage slavery and the fetishes of the wealthy; Billy Bush’s non-apology revisited; drinking problems; Christmas with the ladies; the glitter ban; how to behave in public as a hooker December 6, 2017

Show Notes

  • — By Hook Or By Crook: Wendi Starling and Kaytlin Bailey of The Oldest Profession podcast are in studio
  • — Gaslighting A Nation: Wendi and Kaytlin give their takes on Billy Bush and his non-apology
  • — Dreadful, Existential Angst: Kaytlin got drunk and applied for multiple international comedy festivals that she can’t afford to travel to. Wendi discusses her non-sobriety.
  • — Wifed Up: Kaytlin is in a serious relationship and is going home for Christmas with her boyfriend. Wendi is dating her sugar daddy.
  • — Diamond Dogs: The ladies talk about the kinky fetishes of the wealthy
  • — A World Of Magic: Scientists are calling for a ban on glitter worldwide because of the environmental impact
  • — Status Signaling: The ladies explain how prostitutes are expected to behave when in public with their clientele

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