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Sonia Denis

a Chicago-based comedian, currently a cast member and writer for Second City’s Afro-Futurism show.
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KATG 2542: Just Asking

with Sonia Denis – Computer science; Rwanda; singing the n-word in songs; ignoring friends on public transportation; Keith’s sexual Uber pool; Donald Trump and Kanye West; how to change the world; Don Lemon drunk on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live January 5, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Splitsider Approved: Sonia Denis, one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch, is in studio
  • — 1s and 0s: Sonia has a degree in Computer Science and worked for the same consulting firm as Edward Snowden before she got into comedy
  • — Hotel Rwanda: Sonia’s mom grew up in Rwanda and survived multiple hardships - including genocide - so Sonia feels strange calling her to complain about being depressed. Chemda and Sonia bond over having immigrant parents and dealing with their high expectations.
  • — The C-Word: Sonia is dating a white guy, and the gang discusses singing the n-word in songs
  • — Safe: Sonia feels like she’s always close to death whenever riding New York’s public transportation, but at least she was safe during The Train Accident in Brooklyn, NY. Chemda is really good at not acknowledging people she knows and/or works with on the train.
  • — Pineapple Pussy: Keith describes an awkward Uber ride and fucking you back to sleep, girl
  • — That Shit Cray: Chemda is done caring about what Kanye West does but still doesn’t think he’s crazier than other famous artists. Sonia is a big Kanye fan but does not like that he met with Donald Trump.
  • — The Cyber: Noted technology expert Donald Trump doesn’t believe Russia used hacking to interfere in the election. Sonia discusses how best to change the world in the face of President Trump.
  • — Just Asking: Don Lemon got trashed live on TV while hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve bash. The gang goes over some of Don’s past hits, such as holding up a sign with the n-word written on it and asking one of Bill Cosby’s rape victims why she didn’t fight back.


Sonia DenisSonia Denis

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