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Stephen Spinola

Comedian best known as the co-host and co-producer of The Cannaboiz Comedy Hour and The Only One Tripping
Stephen Spinola has been on 11 shows

KATG 2636: Laughable

With Stephen Spinola – Stephen is moving from NYC to Tennessee; weed drug testing; Gordon Ramsay is attracted to Stephen’s girlfriend; rage-quitting and ruining establishments; Born in China reviewed May 22, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Varietous Indeed: Stephen Spinola, a laid-back gentleman who unknowingly invents his own words, is in studio
  • — Kit Chen Who Lives In My Garage: Stephen thinks living in NYC is like living in an outdoor insane asylum. He’s moving to Tennessee with his girlfriend.
  • — Sperm Gets You High: The gang discusses weed drug tests and the dangers of second-hand smoke
  • — Got Beef?: Gordon Ramsay looked Stephen’s girlfriend up and down like a creep outside of a restaurant. Stephen called Gordon out on Twitter.
  • — Removed From The Schedule: 31% percent of the audience has rage-quit a job. Keith recounts the ways he has rage-quit jobs and destroyed establishments. Chemda and Stephen share their work-related horror stories.
  • — Dead In China: Andrea saw the documentary Born in China, and she got upset that the documentarians let one of the animals they were filming die of starvation when they could have saved it
  • — Quality Control: Chemda brings up Drop Dead Diva to impress our new friends at Laughable

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