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Tyler Richardson

Comedian best known for his mixtape Strawberry Cough and for appearing on SiriusXM's Too Much Information
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KATG 2478: Deadlocks

with Tyler Richardson – Dating an engineer; Army Reserves and MPs; Charlotte and Tulsa’s dead black men media coverage; dreadlock hiring policies; Kansas State University’s blackface; Brangelina court update; Tyler’s violent mom; urine-repelling paint; husband sues Jim Carrey for giving his wife STD and drugs that caused an overdose; FBI looking into Weiner’s sexts with 15-year-old; America’s sexual city names; Chemda’s new scary test results September 25, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Strawberry Cough: Tyler Richardson, creator of a new comedy mixtape featuring a surprising guest turn from Christi Chiello, is in studio
  • — You Guys Are Totally Doing It: Tyler is dating comedian and engineer Ayanna Dookie
  • — 15% Off Wendy’s: Tyler used to be in the military but he rarely takes advantage of the associated perks. Tyler is a big advocate for basic training.
  • — Black Lives Matter: The gang discusses the recent police shootings of black men in Charlotte and Tulsa and the way they've been covered in the media. America's first national black history museum just opened after being in development since 1915.
  • — No But Seriously Black Lives Matter: It is now legal in the United States not to hire someone because they have dreadlocks
  • — Oh For The Love Of God: A white woman has been kicked out of Kansas State University after publicly posting a Snapchat featuring the n-word and herself in blackface
  • — White News: According to rumor, Brangelina’s divorce was initiated after Brad attacked one of their sons while drunk. Tyler can't believe Keith and Chemda hated Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  • — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Madam Tussaud's wax figures have been separated.
  • — Sounds Hilarious: Tyler talks about being beat by his mom
  • — Splash Back: Philadelphia's SEPTA is testing out urine-repellent paint
  • — Funny Business: Jim Carrey is being sued by his late girlfriend's husband for giving her an STD and the drugs she used to overdose
  • — Surprise News Monday: Anthony Weiner may be facing charges for sexting a 15-year-old
  • — Ballplay, AK: The gang runs down some of America's most PG-13 city names
  • — Please Die: The latest edition of Chemda's Tumor Update brings some potentially bad news

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