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Johnny Pemberton

Comedian, actor, and host of the Live to Tape podcast
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KATG 2860: Butt Stuff w/ Johnny Pemberton

Colon removal; Johnny's gay dad; meditation and LSD May 13, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Live To Tape: Johnny Pemberton, who is amazed that KATG are such smooth and fast talkers, is in studio at Starburns Audio
  • — Shit Factory: Worried about his own mother, Keith gets the details of Johnny's colon removal
  • — Family Secret: Johnny‚Äôs father was closeted until he came out when Johnny was 19
  • — Shitting Blood: Chemda and Johnny discuss using meditation to deal with physical and emotional pain
  • — Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds: Johnny tried to microdose LSD, and he accidentally overdosed while he was hiking
  • — Phone Heckling: Johnny is releasing an album of the best of his prank calls

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