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Mychal Denzel Smith

Author of the New York Times bestselling book Invisible Man, Got The Whole World Watching: A Young Black Man's Education
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KATG 2490: Ebony and Ivory

with Mychal Denzel Smith – Molly Knefel co-hosts: Male feminists; Christopher Columbus: fraud/liar; expecting to die as a black man; anxiety and suicide; how to solve police troubles; dating apps; sneakerheads; politically active sports figures; Luke Cage, Westworld, Masterminds, Storks and The Girl on the Train reviewed; Nate Parker/The Birth of a Nation revisited October 12, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Three Names: Mychal Denzel Smith, author of the new book Invisible Man, Got The Whole World Watching, is in studio
  • — Male Feminism: Mychal was the only male blogger for an otherwise all-female website and understands why his colleagues were wary of him
  • — Indigenous Peoples Day: Everyone knows at this point that Christopher Columbus was a fraud and a liar
  • — The 29 Club: Mychal is 29 years old and was surprised he lived to see 25 because of how African Americans are raised and treated in America
  • — Suicide By Cop: Mychal suffers from an anxiety disorder, which to some degree stems from the violent death of his cousin when he was growing up. He hasn’t experienced suicidal thoughts in awhile but they probably wouldn’t be as cool as Keith’s anyway.
  • — Cops Out: Mychal explains the roots of policing in the United States and lays out a better system
  • — Opening Doors: Sexism and misogyny cut across all races, but Mychal’s NY Times bestselling book focuses on it in the context of his experience as a black man
  • — Swiping Out Of Boredom: Mychal no longer frequents as many dating apps as he used to now that he’s not trying to procrastinate from his work
  • — Style Section: Mychal is a sneakerhead and can’t even count how many pairs of shoes he owns
  • — The New Kaepernicking: The gang discusses the history of sports figures speaking up (or not) about social issues
  • — Caged Luke: Mychal reviews Marvel’s new Luke Cage Netflix series, which he thought was too conservative for being about a bulletproof black superhero. Keith reviews HBO’s new series Westworld.
  • — Based On A True Story: Keith very much enjoyed Masterminds and Storks, but he hated The Girl on the Train
  • — Rape As A Device: The gang revisits the Nate Parker/The Birth of a Nation situation

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