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Jenn Welch

Comedian best known as the host of The Half-Hour Hour Show at the Creek and the Cave and The Stand-Up Showdown at The PIT
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KATG 2533: Hugs and Misses

with Jenn Welch – Hugging boundaries; how to fall asleep; it’s safe to say Merry Christmas again; police buy homeless man a pair of socks; Tinder in the sky; how to be a vigilante; male policeman greets female pizza deliverer naked; ridable Titanic simulation December 13, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — It Feels More Complete: Jenn Welch is in studio, this time with Chemda
  • — Hug Therapy: Male comics at open mics have strengthened Jenn’s hug boundaries. Adam from Florida challenges the gang’s notion that catcalling is the same whether it’s coming from a straight man to a woman or a gay man to a straight man.
  • — What A Joke: After the results of the election, Jenn felt inspired to put on a national comedy festival during Inauguration Weekend that benefits the ACLU
  • — Sleep No More: Jenn didn't normally sleep much anyway but ever since the election she’s found it nearly impossible to fall asleep
  • — Happy Xmas, War Is Over: Corey Lewandowski has decreed that it is safe to say Merry Christmas again now that Donald Trump is president
  • — Putting The PR In Propaganda: A police officer bought a homeless man socks for Christmas and now it’s in the news
  • — Lady Vigilantes: A new dating app is basically Tinder in the sky, allowing potential lovers to meet mid-air. Another new app uses GPS and police blotters to show users where crime is happening around them.
  • — Put Away Your Dick: A male police officer greeted a female pizza delivery driver with his naked body. Jenn stood up to a guy who was exposing himself on a subway platform the night before Thanksgiving.
  • — Iceberg Straight Ahead: A simulation of the Titanic sinking is opening soon in China


Jenn WelchJenn Welch

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