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Comedian and member of Philadelphia's Center City Comedy collective
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KATG 2498: Very Inconclusive

with Chris Cotton – Chanel Ali co-hosts: South Philadelphia; the San Francisco 49ers; Black Lives Matter; dyslexia; getting to know your spouse; being a fat kid and a fat adult; the horror of nature; Lenny Marcus’s wedding; edibles at a talk show taping; the voting debate; Michael and Marisela are expecting; Madonna will blow you; Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, The Infiltrator, and The Accountant reviewed October 24, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Lazy Speaker: Chris Cotton is in studio for his friend Guest Host Chanel Ali’s first show
  • — In South Philadelphia Born And Raised: Chris grew up in 2 of South Philadelphia's worst neighborhoods, where he once saw a man shooting up a car with an AR-15
  • — A Blessing And A Curse: Chris is a fan of both the San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest. He’s not a fan of how much the team stinks.
  • — Ice Cream And Cookies: Chris doesn’t understand the Black Lives Matter movement because it’s not as organized as the protests he saw growing up
  • — Public School Smart: Chris is dyslexic and has to fully devote himself to reading something to commit it to memory
  • — Moody Vs. Artsy: Chris has been with his wife for over a decade, and it seems that they’re just now getting to know each other
  • — Chubby Thunder: Despite being a fat kid growing up, Chris was in good shape and a fast runner
  • — Stepping Out Of His Cocoon: Chris was so unaccustomed to nature growing up that he was terrified the first time he saw a white butterfly as an adult
  • — He Spent A Lot Of Money: Keith reviews Lenny Marcus’s wedding and how to win at hors d'oeuvres
  • — We Clap Like This For Wendy: Chanel had a wonderful time at a Wendy Williams taping with her aunt thanks to the edible she had before it started
  • — Vote Or Why: According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton has as much of a chance of losing the election as an NFL kicker has of missing a 29-yard field goal, which happened to happen a lot this weekend. Chris thinks voting in national elections doesn’t matter. Michael calls in to debate voting and stop-and-frisk with Chris.
  • — It’s A Pixel: Michael announces that he and Marisela are expecting. Will the baby be circumcised?
  • — Not Like A Virgin: While opening for Amy Schumer at Madison Square Garden, Madonna promised a blowjob to everyone who votes for Hillary Clinton
  • — I Don’t Got Time For Bullshit: Keith reviews Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, The Infiltrator, and The Accountant

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